The Commercialization of Education: Benefits and Hazards

The Commercialization of Education: Benefits and Hazards

Education has become a major business sector that sees considerable commercialization

It has even turned into a niche market. Just as in any other field, education is faced with risks to be explored and conquered.

There are some basic facts about education that can be easily understood and that are accepted in most of the discussion forums on education. All these facts are explained below.

In an educational experience, there are two main elements that come together to create an educational environment. They are the teacher and the student. Both are needed to create a rewarding educational experience.

However, rewards alone will not make an education worthwhile. Therefore, both the teacher and the student must contribute something to make the entire educational experience worthwhile.

The teacher’s needs to be addressed in making the educational experience productive. If the teacher feels that she or he is doing all the necessary things, then the students will take it for granted. At the same time, a teacher’s satisfaction can be threatened if the students are unaware of their needs.

This is a good practice for every teacher to be aware of. The students can be given specific teaching assignments and the teachers can guide the students on how to do the assignment. Since both the teacher and the students are considered equals in this scenario, the teacher gets more feedback. At the same time, the students can be encouraged to communicate their thoughts and opinions to the teacher.

This is beneficial for those people who are in low income groups. In schools where teachers do not have the luxury of such a dialogue, they can set up such communication systems.

This is also one way to enhance the educational environment. It is a small effort that the teacher can make to enhance the education environment. It takes little time and it can be easily implemented by the teacher.

Thus, improvements in the educational environment to help both the teacher and the students. If the teacher is able to get more compensation from the students, then there will be a better academic atmosphere. The students would be more motivated to learn and the teachers can afford to provide more learning activities.

Commercialization is another issue. There are several ways to improve the commercialization of education. As mentioned earlier, there is the classroom setting that is creating the commercialization of education. There are many commercialization tools that can be introduced to make the classroom more attractive and helpful.

The teachers can be made to take the right points into consideration. While commercialization can be encouraged, it can be also discouraged at the same time. Also, it can be enhanced by the right choice of the teachers.

Commercialization can be improved even more by adding educational games and activities to the classroom. It is because many students have ADHD and the usage of games helps them deal with the condition. Also, since the students can communicate to the teachers, it will help them enjoy learning.