Why You Should Consider Studying Computer Science

Why You Should Consider Studying Computer Science

Well, modern life is greatly controlled by computers.

And, at one time or another, we all have experienced how our lives come to a standstill when a computer malfunctions at an important facility. Because of this significant role computer has in our lives, computer skills are considered as vital as reading and writing in the modern-day curriculum. In fact, there are so many reasons to believe that computer science is a wise choice to study in the coming days.

First, you are illiterate and unable to function in today’s society if you do not know the basics of computer http://uknowledge.uky.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1158&context=gradschool_diss science. For example, every aspect of human life is getting greatly controlled by computer-assisted automation where your primary point of contact is often a computer; for example, banking, reserving travel tickets, online courses, and so on. This clearly indicates that one without computer knowledge is highly likely to get ridiculed for being nothing less than illiterate.

Another point is that your life is highly insecure in the modern days without an understanding of, and skills in, computer coding. How? Even today, many people happily use the beautifully designed customer interface on their digital gadgets and do not understand a thing about the mechanism behind the scene. Having knowledge of computer applications helps one understand the possible dangers, be more vigilant, and take necessary measures to be as safe as possible.

Computer science becomes a wise choice considering the employment sector too. According to statistics, about 60% of jobs in the US can have at least 30% of the work done with the help of computer-assisted automation. Yes, without computer science, in 60% of jobs, you are likely to face problems with at least 30% of your work. Sufficient reason for your employer to screw you!

Another encouraging point is that according to the statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a 22% growth in the number of computer science-related jobs in the US and the trend is likely to continue for some time ahead. Again, there is sufficient reason for you to consider computer science as a wise choice for studies as you reach college. According to reliable statistics, computer science education is a wise choice if you expect a good salary from your employment. A study shows that after health professionals; computer engineers and information systems managers are the highest paid professionals in the US. The figures reveal that top computer engineers earn anything around $156,370, and information systems managers follow closely behind with $152,760. As already noticed, other occupations are threatened by the invasion of computer-assisted automation while the jobs based on computer science are here to stay for quite some time ahead.

Isn’t that enough incentive to take computer science more seriously as the subject for higher education? Even if you are somebody who does not wish to surrender your own independent creative thinking to the computer, it is still a wise idea to gain some basic knowledge of computer science or you will realize soon that the society no more speaks a language that you really understand.